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Well betraying duty and betraying humanity's principles, which were the charges Sisko and Janeway were using respectively are different. Subtlety so at times, but nevertheless.

The funny thing about this episode is... flash back to Year of Hell when Janeway had the busted up ship. Look at her irrational behavior then, and compare her to Ransom. Are they so different? If the combustible space slug had been dropped into Janeway's lap, would she really not have used it?
either way, they were going after someone for a betrayal

having just watched it, she considered ransom betraying stafleet and the uniform, betraying humanity falls under that umbrella.

in year of hell, I highly doubt she would stoop so low as to kill innocent beings. They had similar oportunities and never took them. Several times janeway has offered to self destruct voyager to help someone, she was willing to sacrifice her own life on multiple occasions. No way she would butcher innocent beings for her own gain
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