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Nah, Sisko gassed a whole planet. He should've been clapped in irons for that one. It's like a us officer gassing an Arabian village because he thinks there's a terrorist cell there.

Then again Sisko was never preachy about upholding humanity's principles in the same freaking episode he was going after his nemesis with a vendetta. Would Janeway have killed him? She was willing to kill that blueshirt if he didn't sell out his captain, so yes I thinks she would've. One of the few times Chakotay stands up to Janeway, but he picked a good time at least.
yes he was, the whole time he was going after Eddington he was going on and on how he betrayed his uniform. He was just as preachy.

They both had the same vendetta, they were going after someone who betrayed Starfleet, the uniform, everything they stood for, and they both took it as a personal insult. They both went to extremes, made very questionable decisions, both had crewmembers questioning their behavior and actions
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