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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

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I don't own any Star Trek DVDs, unfortunately. Money and I are only briefly friends before it goes to feeding the family. Are you saying that DVD covers are canon now, too? Did the timeline split after Star Trek IV? After "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"? After "Yesterday's Enterprise"? After "Assignment: Earth" or "All Good Things..." or "Past Tense" or "Year of Hell" or "Future's End" or the Temporal Cold War in Enterprise? These are all relevant futures, right, because Abrams Universe exists and didn't change anything. It just threw out everything we knew about time and history in a Trek future. So Picard and Riker are having this conversation in an episode of TNG (or a movie) about something that happened 80 years ago, and instead of Riker saying "that was the mission where James Kirk was killed", he says "that was the mission where James T. Kirk negated our existance..." umm... wait... what?
Actually, yes they did cause a split. TNG, Paraelles proves out there is a near infinite number of realities created and running along side the "Prime" timeline. Created by events big and small, all outcomes that are possible do happen. The crew, any crew, is only aware of the events along their perceived temporal reality.

I just used Yesterday's Enterprise in another thread but here we go again:

The divergent timeline has to exist in order for their to be an Alt-Tasha to go back in time and cross the timelines to be captured at Neranda III and then give birth to Sela. Anytime there is something that cross from one alt-timeline to the other, that originating timeline of that person/item has to exist in order for that person or item to exist to make the crossover.
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