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Re: What happened to the Valiant....

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I have to wonder if the emitters are shaped like giant tuning forks....
There was an episode of "The Wild Wild West" that did that.

Season 4, Episode 11 "The Night of the Avaricious Actuary"

When vibrations from a giant tuning fork destroy the palatial homes of extremely wealthy businessmen, Jim and Artie are called in to investigate.

If memory serves, that was the episode that Ross Martin broke his leg in a botched stunt. Later that season, he suffered a near-fatal heart attack and had to be replaced by other actors (playing other characters) for about a dozen episodes. After the end of that 4th season, the spotlight on TV violence would lead to TWWW's demise.

Perhaps the tuning fork started it all....

Lesson learned: Tuning forks are BAD!
Don't you think I know that !?! There was.... but not anymore!!
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