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Re: What Kinds of Characters?

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  • I'd like to see a captain with a slightly eccentric quirk--perhaps a tendency to wear a somewhat non-regulation uniform or something--as well as possess an inclination to not always say the most politically correct things.
  • A sexy, but older female first officer with a good sense of humor and a tendency to say what people (as in the television audience) are really thinking at times.
  • A dirty old man as the chief medical officer, although his reputation is far more of a joke (started by the first officer) than anything real.
  • An alien science officer from a new species, but reminiscent of either Data or a young Spock.
  • A gruff noncom chief of security who doesn't talk very much, but lets his actions speak very loudly instead.
  • A dashing young male lieutenant who's a couple of years too young for his rank and a bit of an asshole(he doesn't play well with others).
  • Young female alien ensign from a race that only developed warp drive and joined the Federation a decade ago. Inexperienced as hell, but excited to be the first of her people to travel this far into space. We'll see a lot of things through her eyes, including some hard lessons to be learned.
Here's my issue. I like what you're saying here, but this falls into a Trek norm of "a captain, a first officer, a chief medical officer, a science officer, a security chief, and a young and innocent lieutenant..." I would love to see a crew with these characters, but not necessarily in their "assigned positions". It's got too much of the formula that drove people away. Think about it.... Every show had it's Data/Spock/Tuvok/T'pol, it's Scotty/Trip/O'Brien, it's Doctor/Bashir/McCoy... every reincarnation was new characters limited by the same position. Bashir, for example, could only be so much because he was a doctor. They pushed his envelope, but in the end, he was the doctor. I'd like to see something a little more fringe where the doctor maybe isn't a good guy, where the dirty old doctor was maybe once a cooker of some drug that we don't know about yet, or maybe he rolled with some thugs who needed patched up from time to time but he's really a cook or a pilot who just happens to practice medicine, and not well at that....
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