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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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The creators started that divide with all their bashing against old Trek. "Not you father's Trek", those "Nacelles Monthly subscriber" remarks, the constant justifications for the fast paced style with "old Trek was lame and boring", and all that shit.
Sometimes I think some people here live in an alternate reality? Or maybe it's just that I do.

When Bad Robot said "This is not your father's 'Star Trek'", they weren't dissing the old one. They were telling the new demographic that the new films would have something for them, as well as their Dads.

Yes, Orci & Kurtzman are self-proclaimed TNG fans, but they spent months reading TOS novels - and even made a list of the ones they loved ("Spock's World", "Final Frontier", "Best Destiny", "Ex Machina", etc), several of which became influential in their writing of the 2009 film.

And I don't recall any of the Bad Robot gang describing "old Trek" as "lame and boring". JJ Abrams explained that he found ST:TMP disappointingly boring, because he was an enthusiastic little kid at the Smithsonian premiere and he was expecting a SF film just like the "Star Wars" film he'd seen two years earlier.

I was a ST newbie in 1980 and had just started substitute teaching in the years between TMP and ST II - and all the kids I tried to chat Star Trek with thought that TMP was boring. Most adult fans I met agreed with them.

So what other "bashing" did I miss, or misunderstand?
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