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Re: TF: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack - Review Thread (Spoilers!

Just finished and absolutely loved this.

I'm never been massively interested in the Cardassians but thought this did an exceptional job in portraying the stresses and strain their society has been under for the last decade.

Like Book 1 this also had large proportions of the narrative being carried by less familiar characters but it did so much more effectively.

I had to stop reading and get off the train just before

and I was desperate to know what happened - just one of many excellent sequences!

Also unlike book 1 it told a really interesting story while still leaving a few threads for the rest of the series such as why the Enterprise has been sent where it has been next.

I suppose there was a slight bit of disappointment in the ending

Anyway loved it and after the disappointing Book 1 I'm back to being really enthused about this series.

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