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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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If STID borrowed heavily from TWOK, then TWOK borrowed heavily from Moby Dick.

The two characters TWOK and STID have in common: Carol Marcus and Khan.

The major villain in STID and not in TWOK: Admiral Marcus.

The MacGuffin in TWOK: Genesis. The MacGuffin in STID: 72 photon torpedoes with Khan's people hidden in them.

It boggles my mind after all these months that some still call STID a TWOK rehash. How is it? Really. Let's see someone post an itemized list of the similarities. Scene by scene. Plot point by plot point. Theme by theme. It should be easy. Right?

It's not. Not a rehash of Space Seed either.

My opinion is, if they'd ended it differently (no TWoK death scene rip-off) this movie would be just as universally praised as ST09.
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