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Re: DARPA Spaceplane

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Dyna-soar was to be launched on top of a rocket, so no, not really the same thing.
So you don't think they would have developed further after 1963??
So we would have had the DARPA plane in 1985 instead of 2015....

It's a different thing entirely. Dyna-soar is merely a change in re-entry method. It was Nothing close to development of a single stage to orbit craft. The only real advances it had over capsules of the day is re-usability and landing accuracy.

And to answer the question more directly in your first post. No we wouldn't have had that "capability" in 1963 for the reasons stated above. As to whether it would have been further developed after 1963 and reached "spaceplane" status by 1985, well that's not really what you were talking about in your first post is it?
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