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Re: Rolling Stone Magazine calls for the return of TNG to TV

That article was nothing bit a huge pile of wishful thinking and a lack of perspective.

"One movie every few years isn't cutting it for the fans"? Trek is still trying to pull itself together after the doldrums of the Berman years. Is it in better shape than it was pre-2009? Yes. But after a decade+ of oversaturation, can you blame CBS/Paramount for playing it safer at the moment? (Also, Trek did perfectly fine with doing a movie every few years before TNG came along.)

Also, you've got years' worth of reruns and movies, comic books, tie-in novels, and at some point we'll probably see TNG-based fan-film episodes. It's not like there's a shortage of product available. Trek is supposed to be entertainment, not an addiction CBS/Paramount can't keep pace with.

"Most of the cast would come back"? Um...why? They've aged out of the roles and moved on with their lives. I seriously question if they'd honestly want to go back and do it again. would bringing back TNG help the franchise? How would it have any appeal to mainstream audiences at this point? Nobody's ever willing to address this problem. In fact, it's pretty telling that every proposal to "save" Trek amounts to backpedaling and making the franchise a nerd ghetto piece again. I mean, a rebooted version of TNG might be possible (it's the only version of Trek that has enough staying power to hold pace with the original series), but going back and carrying on as if nothing ever ended? That would be a recipe for failure.

Rolling Stone couldn't be more wrong if it tried. If anything, all they did was underscore how dumb the idea really is, and how there's no chance of it ever happening.
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