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Re: What Kinds of Characters?

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Captain Jack Harkness isn't just gay, or bisexual or trisexual. He is omnisexual, even flirting pretty strongly with Chan'tho (who was cute as blue insectoids go, but still...)

Not that I'm objecting! He's a great character!

So was Chan'tho for that matter...
Dude! Chan Chan'tho was a great character tho! I loved Captain Jack Harkness. Dude would f**k anything. He was badass. I just recently saw the episode with the real Captain Jack Harkness, where they were in the old theater, and he kissed the dude before he left... broke my heart. Star Trek has has grown from young, white male to old, bald male, black man, female Captain, it's time for a gay captain (omnisexual works, too). Jump on the civil rights fight of OUR generation.
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