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It wasn't the Baku or Sona's planet of origin so I don't have sympathy or like either.

In fact I barely liked the Enterprise crew in this one.

Was that the producers plan ? If so they succeeded magnificiently with me at least.

Picard was defending the right of one group of settlers to kick another group of settlers off the planet. Non-Federation citizens. I don't even think Kirk would have gotten involved.

But Picard jumped in because it seemed on the surface the Baku's leader was hot stuff. I remember the episode where he forcibly moved the Native Americans from their Spiritual home in Cardassian space. I felt a tonne more sympathy for the Native Americans.

yeah, juxtaposing "journey's end" with "insurrection" really makes Picard look bad. Every argument he makes in "journey's end" can be turned against himself in "insurrection."
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