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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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The creators started that divide with all their bashing against old Trek. "Not you father's Trek", those "Nacelles Monthly subscriber" remarks, the constant justifications for the fast paced style with "old Trek was lame and boring", and all that shit.

Gotta love that. And even more original work coming from Orci. He might get millions for it, but seriously, the guy is a hack. When he does write something original that is not a reboot or sequel borrowing from other films and franchises, wake me up.
If he's a hack, and complaints about Into Darkness are copy-paste jobs of 1982 Wrath of Khan complaints from Interstat, does that make Harve Bennett a hack as well?
Let's see: hack Bennett revived Khan but also helped develop the Starfleet Academy angle. I'd say hack Bennett<hack Orci.
You mean that prequel film that was never made? Sounds to me like they even had similar ideas about what to do with Trek...
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