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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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@Mytran - Hmm. Maybe you're thinking of the 1,164' (355m) TMP Enterprise that I was studying with the engineering/cargo bay? The 1,084' (330.4m) TOS Enterprise came about because the sidebays on the flight deck protruded out from the hull of the 947' ship.
Well it was a while ago so I wondered if that was the case! Then I remembered that (way back at the time) I had been extrapolating what the length of the ship would be if the MJ cutaway were expanded to fit the shuttlebay shown in TMOST (which has a convenient scale ruler). The picture I got was:

As you can see I had some problems reconciling the different shapes and ended up matching the rear wall and the bulkhead above the doors (since they seemed to be the most common features). The ship length of 1177' was an interesting surprise, and once I remembered the picture this morning it also enabled me to track down your earlier post. The ones that deal with this issue are #306 and #309 but in brief; you had enlarged the Enterprise to fit the width of the shuttlebay model and ended up with a ship length of 1143'. It's similar but obviously a bit longer than the 1084' you are using now, which is why I wondered if perhaps more accurate data had come to light, allowing you to tighten the overall design?

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Speaking of more accurate data, with all the information gathered over in the shuttlebay thread, I can have another go at my 2011 scaling gag!

This time I shall be using the actual shuttlebay miniature, since the TMOST sketch has now been disproved.
If the MJ cutaway represents a 947' ship with a 89' Hangar Deck, then it would need to be 1319' to fit the 124' scale model.

Of course, all that is based on a 22' shuttle. If we were to use an exterior which properly matched the interior set then the shuttlecraft would need to be around 30' long. Expanding everything up to match would yield a Hangar Deck of of 169' and the Enterprise herself a whopping 1800' in length!

Hmmm, maybe JJ Abrams wasn't too far off after all?
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