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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

My golden age is the period 1994-1996. Such a fun time to be a fan! In the space of those two years I had:

* The finale of TNG (still remember trotting down to John Menzies to pick up the video after school. October 1994)

* Build-up, hype and premiere of "Generations" (we in the UK got it in Feb 1995). This has to be the biggest "mass popularity" push Trek had (before 2009 at least).

* The release of Star Trek Monthly (a brand new monthly Trek magazine! March 1995)

* Premiere of Voyager (video released in the UK June 1995. Again, such clear memories of eagerly racing down to the shop to buy this one and then watch it with my friends)

* Season 4 of Ds9, all the speculation about Worf joining etc (1995; the series premiered on video here in the UK in Feb 1996)

* Loads of Trek merchanidse around; the book programme went into overdrive; loads of behind-the-scenes type books as well as novels. Plus toys, videos etc.

* 30th Anniversary of Trek - a whole BBC2 night of programming devoted to Trek, inc. the terrestrial premiere of Voyager (Aug 1996)

* Premiere of First Contact (December 1996). I went to its opening night in Oxford with my mates. Such good times

So there you go; just a great time to be a fan. I was 15/16, got some disposable income of my own for the first time etc... yeah. Good times.
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