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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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AGH just seen I wrote Decent instead of Descent, that'll teach me for posting on Kindle.

Anyway, The Darkling

WOW Kes, been awhile since we've seen her. Didn't even realise till she turned up, and she was certainly trading up from Neelix, and has developed a better dress sense. I kinda like how she's written as a bit of a teenager with her dealings with the bloke too.

It's a shame it comes at the exact time that the Doctor drives himself insane. Basically this episode is Picardo once again proving he is the best actor in the show. Holy Crap! He's amazing here. I think the producers cottoned onto his range considering it's not been that long since we had the losing his mind/EMH diagnostic program.
a lot of people don't like this episode. Except for the Kes parts I thought it was pretty good, like you said Picardo is amazing in it. The Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde thing was great
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