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Re: how do people feel about robert orci and Kurtzmen returning?

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There's a difference between banning the creation of Augments/Super Humans and a total ban on genetic research and modification like we see on Earth/in the Federation. It's bigoted paranoia and short sighted.
Not if it has a proven track record of always producing world-dominating tyrants.
Again: You're tossing out the baby with the bath water.
In this case, both are too dangerous to keep around.
Why make people like Bashir's parents into criminals for wanting to help their child? There's a difference between breeding and upgrading humans into augments and using valid medical science to help people. Any culture or society that can't separate the two, loses the right to claim an enlightened superiority.
It has to be a case where the danger is a totally proven one (happening more than once with a strong probability of it happening again). That for every Julian Bashir, there will indeed be a Khan Noonien Singh who will bring widespread death and destruction (i.e., the Eugenics Wars, the Augment Crisis of 2154, and the attacks on London & San Francisco). Under those circumstances, the dangers far outweigh any potential benefits, so it's considered illegal. No society can exist without protecting itself with an extreme measure or two, not even enlightened ones.
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