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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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Another article that cites Las Vegas convention poll (100 fans from 15,000+ convention goers, but of course that part is never mentioned) as if it's something meaningful, and thus fails completely. I didn't even read further.
Well you probably should have as the article goes onto state:

it takes a serious amount of angry amnesia to declare Into Darkness the worst Star Trek movie ever. Worse than The Final Frontier, a mesmerizingly narcissistic vanity project about William Shatner going mountain-climbing and killing a god using the power of his oratory? Worse than Insurrection, a movie-length away mission to a grade-Z planet? I understand people who feel like Into Darkness wastes decades of franchise mythology one empty spectacle…but I’m hard-pressed to say that it’s a bigger waste than the climax of Star Trek: Generations, which unites the two most iconic characters in Star Trek history so they can punch Malcolm McDowell.
I thought it was a reasonably balanced article but y'know, whatever.
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