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Re: Castle - Season 6 Discussion & Spoilers

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You're right, but I also see in Beckett's character the need to take on bigger challenges and that's what DC offers her.
See, but that's just what I think is out of character. The Kate Beckett I've known for five years would be offended at the suggestion that solving individual murders and helping the victims' families get closure is in any way "small." She would insist that it's a vitally important job, as important as anything else.

I mean, Beckett is basically Batman. She suffered a childhood tragedy that compelled her to fight for the victims of crime. Now, okay, maybe Batman did join the Justice League and occasionally battles alien invaders and space gods and immortal cavemen, but there's no way he'd give up patrolling the streets of Gotham and saving ordinary citizens from street-level crime because it wasn't a big enough challenge to suit his career ambitions. Because what he does is not about himself; it's about the people he's fighting for. And Beckett is the same way, at least when she's written in character.
If she were only interested in helping victims, she could have easily chosen to be a counselor, psychologist, nurse or doctor. I'm saying she not only loves helping the victims of crime. Just like Castle, she also gets a rush out of solving challenging crimes. Both character traits are complementary and necessary to make her the best homicide detective in New York.

In this instance, her need to solve puzzling crimes drove her to work in DC for the attorney general's office. It doesn't mean she doesn't care about the victims anymore. She still continues to care and it showed in the episode. She looked at the girlfriend as a victim and and that drove her to dig deeper when her colleagues were ready to close the case.

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Meanwhile, Castle faces every writer's worst nightmare: a potential son-in-law who thinks spelling stifles creativity.

The horror, the horror . . . ..
I guess its your personal horror?

Strangely enough as someone who has been trained in linguistics, I'm not turned off by bad spelling. I view it more as an evolution of the language.
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