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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

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The Abrams movies were ok. I'm happy they have had success and the associated sequels that it they will no doubt generate. I don't really get the need for all the gnashing of teeth or the subsequent defenses that set Star Trek fans against each other when it comes to the JJ verse. If you don't like them then just treat them as the stand alone films they are and disregard their impact on whatever "universe" you hold dear. But fandom is fandom I guess.
It's happened with every new iteration of Trek.
Oh no doubt. It's just that considering that these movies are a reboot and the main crying points are usually about how these movies deviate so strongly to the "real Star Trek." Seeing as how they are a reboot and actually contribute nothing to the original timeline, it shouldn't be that big of a deal to just watch the movies and disregard their impact on the Star Trek universe if you don't like them.

The original ten movies had a lasting impact on the timeline of Star Trek that couldn't really be ignored. You weren't able to just disregard them because they were steering the massive story of 4 TV franchises in a certain direction. Obviously those events would polarize the corps of the Star Trek fanbase.

It shouldn't be that hard to just watch JJ Trek in a vacuum and enjoy the ride.
Some people just love to hate. If the next movie executed a script that followed the suggestions of those who hate the Abramsverse, it would be slammed by those same people for being predictable. There are some people who will just hate it to hate it, and will always find some kind of reason to do so; whether it be because the only people who like it are illiterates (I love the movies and I've been reading since I was 3!), just like big dumb action movies (I love deep, introspective movies), or aren't "real" Trek fans (I've been a fan since the age of 4, when my mother sat me down in front of TOS and I was hooked. That's 29 years of Trek fandom).

Usually they're ignored, but when someone posts something blatantly false, or opinion masqueraded as a fact, of course people are going to shoot it down, only to find that person getting into a fit because their opinion isn't accepted as fact. They don't like it, so you shouldn't like it, else you're not a "real, true" Trek fan.

They're fundamentalists, but instead of a classic religion, they've chosen their favorite Trek as their idol, and the heretics be damned.
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