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Re: Extent of V'Ger's journey

DECKER: Voyager VI ...disappeared into what they used to call a black hole.
KIRK: It must have emerged sometime on the far side of the Galaxy and fell into the machine's planet's gravitational field.
SPOCK: The machine inhabiters found it to be one of their own kind, primitive yet kindred. They discovered its simple twentieth-century programming. Collect all data possible.
DECKER: Learn all that is learnable. Return that information to its Creator.
SPOCK (OC): Precisely, Mister Decker, the machines interpreted it literally.
SPOCK: They built this entire vessel so that Voyager could fulfil it's programming.
KIRK: And on its journey back it amassed so much knowledge, it achieved consciousness itself. It became a living thing.

Spock merely speculated it "could" be a record of V'Ger's journey, but alternately the "machines" could have provided V'Ger with part of their knowledge, too.

Question: Back in the 1970's, did we mistake "wormholes" for "black holes"?

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