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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

Astor got step daddies SUV.

Little Corey probably got a massive soul boner when he realized that he'd get the boat, which he could drive without a license, and drunk... But then Dexter trashes the boat without any forethought to Corey's almost medical need to one day soon become the world's best teenage drunken sailor.

That bastard!

Vince and his gold digging kid: barely resolved.

Angel's sister? She just floated away from relevance back to being again only a baby sitter. Don't show me an actresses' naked boobies if you don't want me to focus on her storyline!

Can you imagine Angel and Dexter trading blows (no, you sick pervert, not like that.) like Superman and Doomsday until one of their fists gets rooted inside the others face? And it's all Blake vs. Avon "You betrayed ME??! ME!?? Betrayed Me! ME!?"

And as far as that flashback goes... "Rita is asleep." Asleep? Go fuck yourself Dexter's writers room! Your entire ability to admit that dexter had been on the air for 8 seasons was to bing in the villain from season 3's "wife". Compare that to what happened in the final episodes of Seinfeld when they had 40 returning gueststars from previous seasons?

Debra dies because she's an idiot walking into an obvious bullet. As soon as Dexter turned his back, as soon as he left the room, as soon as he said that Deb could carry the ball to the n-zone from the 1 yard line... Deserves to fucking die for being so infatically incompetent. She was tailed by a fricking beachboy! He was fine on Saving Grace, but played a lad with an IQ of 60 on The Shield, so it's hard to take him serious as Holmesian threat. Good lord! She should have got drunk and frakked Dexter half way through the season.

Hannah did NOTHING to hide. Dye your hair. Glasses. A fricking hat! A fat suit, or that orange fake tan shit Snookie wears! You deserve to be caught. You're a moron... But they were paying for a leggy blonde so it's conterproductive to "disfigure" her.

What the hell happened to black girl cop? They introduce her, screw over Uncle Jack Bass and then just vanish with her promotion...

Was there a tilling of the writing staff?

It just went from awful, to much more awful for no reason.
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