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Re: The Kitchen Table (aka Breaking The News)

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The only thing I use my kitchen table for, is temporary storage of large boxes of cereal I've bought from Costco. I eat all my meals downstairs in front of the TV.
I find it fascinating that your kitchen is upstairs, I've never seen that before. Or maybe you meant that your TV is in the basement? Homes around here don't have basements, so I actually haven't seen that before either!
Some architects come up with weird ideas. One of my cousins had a house with a only a garage, family room, half bath (sink and toilet) and a couple of bedrooms on the first floor. A couple of other bedrooms, another half bath, a full bath (sink tub and combination tub/shower), an open dining/formal living room area and kitchen were on the second floor. The portion of the kitchen where the sink and refrigerator was hung in the air at least 2 1/2 feet past the back wall of the first floor.. The front/main entrance was on a landing half way up the stairs with a tiny uncovered porch and steps in a sidewalk leading up a tiny hill in the front yard.

One of my grandmothers owned a house with kitchens on both floors, but to reach the only bathroom you had to go through the large upstairs kitchen. That house was old enough the rooms might have been re purposed.
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