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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Okay... that was an interesting talk.

No they did not ask anything re: Prepon, HOWEVER, and this reassures me greatly... Taylor said they will be shooting through the end of January.

I thought I had read that the first season shot over 3 months, which suggests they'd be 2/3 the way through season 2 by now. If they are shooting for another 4 months, then there's still hope that Alex could be in more than 1 ep. (I will cling to that hope till my last breath!)

I laughed when Taylor said she didn't know any of the other actresses before filming OitNB... then she stumbled and said... "OH... I knew Kate Mulgrew... she played my MOTHER in Mercy!"

Heck sweetie, anyone around Teacake for more than 47 minutes KNOWS she played your mother in Mercy!

Break out the Gin Rickeys!

Where's the PB&J????
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