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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

Anji wrote: View Post
Ah, hem. The "butthurt" chiming in here.

I think it's pretty safe to say that we're not pissed just disappointed.
Wouldn't "disappointed" be a point somewhere nearer the middle of a hypothetical pleased/displeased scale and "butthurt" a good deal closer to the "pissed" end of the scale? (As far as that goes, do we really need to use the term "butthurt" in here? Surely, there's something better and less disparaging.)

Awesome Possum wrote: View Post
All are in this forum, well them and their sockpuppet accounts.
Remember that this thread not in TNZ, and that any discussion of sockpuppets ought properly be via the Notify button or PM. Just sayin'.
Always acknowledge a fault frankly. This will throw those in authority
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