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If you've ever seen Torchwood, you'd know that Davies would be pretty awesome at the helm, although I'd pray to God they give it to Ronald D. Moore.
You sure about that? Considering what he did to BSG, I don't think to many fans would be happy with what he'd do to Trek. Besides, we did dark and gritty: we had DS9.
I know a lot of the old school BSG fans didn't like the new one. My mom was so fiercely loyal to the old one she didn't even make it through the first miniseries. But I, who had never really taken old school BSG seriously, consider the remade BSG to be the best sci-fi series I've ever seen, and I'm a DEVOUT Trekkie! So, for me, I'd say I'm sure about Moore. I like his style. And while I think that DS9 is dark and gritty, I recently re-watched it, after having watched BSG and FireFly, Dr. Who, and Torchwood, that it wasn't really gritty at all. It was a soap opera. It kinda made me sad, because DS9 was my favorite series, and it still is, but Star Trek, in general, under Rick Berman seemed to be so predicable and formulaic. They tried to change things up. Some of the producers really tried to rock the boat, but what led to the demise of Enterprise, I feel, was how predicable and formulaic it was. That's why ST09 was such a breath of fresh air in a way. I think Moore can do that with Star Trek. He did with BSG, and he's involved and responsible enough to "respect" the canon when and wherever it's concerned, but not to use it as a crutch. All of the other guys could, too. Don't get me wrong. But personally, I like Moore's style.
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