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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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How many movie writers and directors consult the audience before making a film?
A film series has never, ever gone in a different direction by changing the things that pissed off a lot of people?
Define "a lot of people"?

Star Trek 2009 was nearly universally praised by both Trekkies and general audiences alike. Why would they listen to a few people who have a severe case of butthurt?
Yes, 2009 Trek was universally praised by fans and the general audience. Into Darkness was also of a kind. Why the disconnect with this film? It's more similar in tone and approach to 2009 Trek than not.

Where is the dissatisfaction coming from? Or is the dissatisfaction from the so-called vocal minority? Must be more than that.

Fans should not be placated to. The creators are too beholden to a minority of fans - which sometimes results in hurt feelings from both sides. Creators should create and not try to second-guess what the "fans" want. Maintain professional distance!
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