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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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Trek 09 rekindled it for me too, but STID quashed it for me. A 9/11 conspiracy movie, over 10 years after 9/11 felt forced and self serving for the writer (Orci). Also, regurgitating, multiple lines of dialogue, and entire scenes from TWOK didn't help.

Made the second half of the film more like a parody, than a tribute.
I too was pumped after ST09 (which had its flaws), but cooled a lot on Abrams Trek after STID. I didn't see/mind the 9/11 conspiracy stuff, because the initial setup had so much promise - a Starfleet officer goes rogue and starts waging a terrorism campaign against Starfleet. What was great about that was that there were plenty of interesting reasons for that happen - hell, the Prime Directive alone is a pretty good one. But then they made it about Khan and militarism being bad, combined it with a story that made you ask why people were (not) doing things too often for its own good, and basically ended on a reset button.

It's really hard to stay enthusiastic about something that drops the ball so hard when it couldn't afford to.

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How many movie writers and directors consult the audience before making a film?
A film series has never, ever gone in a different direction by changing the things that pissed off a lot of people?
Define "a lot of people"?

Star Trek 2009 was nearly universally praised by both Trekkies and general audiences alike. Why would they listen to a few people who have a severe case of butthurt?
IIRC, stuff like the whole "Kirk is not ready for the captain's chair" thing was a response to criticisms from a majority of viewers and possibly reviewers too.
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