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Re: Frontier/Colony Show

I read your post. I just acknowledged the only part worth acknowledging. Redo Voyager because it could have been awesome. Enterprise could have been awesome. You don't see a big push to revisit that show (although starting and covering the Earth-Romulan War would be an EPIC storyline). In fact, using the Temporal Cold War and making it a Temporal WAR would be an awesome way to go. Deep Space 9 wasn't nearly as dark as it could have been. Ronald D. Moore wanted it to be. Berman wouldn't let him. So he said "screw this"... and made BattleStar Galactica. It was a brilliant, beautiful series. Why not do something similar with Star Trek, but not a re-imagining as much as a new direction? We have a messed up future, who knows what's wrong, and when we fix it, we go on from there. Explore different galaxies. (We'll have the technology by then.) Check out the Delta Quadrant in earnest. Restore a stronger Federation and include the dominion races. Make the galaxy a beacon of hope for the Universe. Continue Roddenberry's idea of a utopia, but get us OUT THERE, WAY OUT. Make sense?
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