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Re: What The Hell? What Is Up With The Side Hull Torpedo Bays?

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
I thought the nuTrek phasers pretty much were the same as those in WoK, only with a fuckton of banks firing at once instead of just one or two (and that brings me to - why on Earth didn't the Reliant and Enterprise fire all-out at each other in the same way the Enterprise-D did at the Borg or the Enterprise did at the Narada in the '09 movie?)
Answer: Studio Budget.

The Librarian wrote: View Post
Isn't "death by a thousand papercuts" exactly how the TWOK phasers worked, as opposed to the traditional solid beams or even the Defiant's pulse phasers?
I LOVE the phaser effects in TWOK. There's something truly viscerally satisfying about the staggered fire pattern and way they slice relentlessly through hull plating (and presumably people). I'd like to know why we NEVER see Kirk fire phasers on the big screen before OR after TWOK.
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