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Re: Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics Volume 2 (SPOILERS)

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Right, I'm just expressing surprise that they would commission the strip without first making sure they had a place to run it in their own newspaper. But businesses make odd decisions all the time, so I guess being surprised is just an example of my naivete.
They commissioned the strip so they could syndicate it to all of the other US (and international) newspapers who wanted it. And make money. IIRC, wasn't there also already a "Star Wars" strip?

It was highly likely that ST:TMP was going to be a bigger hit than the first SW movie had been - the first Trek strip even features a post-TMP Ilia who, in the original "In Thy Image" telemovie script, had survived her time as a probe and was to be a regular character. The strip had to be ready to run when the film premiered.

Perhaps LA Times was making sure they had a backup in case the SW popularity bubble burst? Or was overshadowed by Trek?
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