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Re: Technological Stagnation

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Let's be blunt here, technologically speaking we've stagnated.
We were supposed to have flying cars and hover boards in 2015 and looking at the movie they'd had them for a while before that. So where are they? we don't have anything remotely like anti-gravity.

Where are our moon colonies? Mars colonies?

Are we ever going to get anti-gravity? is it possible such technology does not and never will exist? What does that mean to our development as a species?
If all we will ever have to get off this planet is rockets then we're basically stuck here and that doesn't bode well with an ever increasing population and a planet with limited resources.

We should be mining Mars by now but we're not.

Why are we so far behind? we have all these fast paced industrialised economies, trillions of pounds world combined economy. Why is it so hard for every nation on Earth to throw some money into a planetary project to get off this rock?

Where are the floating sea cities?

All I ever see are people putting forward conceptual ideas and that's both where it begins and where it ends.

We're going nowhere at all. We'll still be in the same place a hundred years from now, probably even two hundred years from now.
We might aswell get used to the idea that as a species we're stagnant and a failure.
Well, I think what we're seeing is that the majority of those "predictions" about future tech from futurists back in the day were little more than shots in the dark.

We've certainly gotten better at offering contextual predictions of coming technological innovations. See here .

One thing that makes it far more difficult to predict the future is the concept of the technological singularity. The site above is based on Kurzweil's ideas on artificial intelligence, and how quickly tech will develop possibly within the next 20-305 years.
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