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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

JWolf wrote: View Post
The problem comes from those that say they don't want to use spoilers and obviously won't whenever they think they can get away with it.
Then you immediately report that behaviour. The Mods will act.

It's attitudes like this that have driven some away and made the activity here less then it was.
Is our TrekLit board really all that less-popular? And can we blame it on spoilers only?

There used to be more regulars and now there are less regulars.
Surely, with no more 24th century Trek in production, people slipping away from reading and wanting to discuss those books online, is a natural phenomenon. TNG had the enormous following, but the viability of most factual tie-in books fell when TNG left the air, plus there was the rise of online wiki repositories.

If people stop reading Trek books, they'll stop discussing them online.

I think this is because of some of the people who are being rude and one way to be rude is not to use spoiler codes when appropriate regardless of the thread topic or age of the books.
Other once-popular boards, such as PsiPhi and the Star Trek Message Board, went unmoderated for huge amounts of time. Those places went to hell and were abandoned by most regulars.

I've not seen evidence that anarchy has broken out here.

Now we have some saying to just post the spoilers because it's allowed.
But it's not allowed. So report them. If you're referring to really old titles, most people who haven't read them yet are going to be forgiving that they've got so much catching up to do. Are they really likely leave a board just because people don't use spoiler code on very old titles. (Unless it's when someone asks if an older book is worth reading, and someone deliberately spoils it for them in their response.)

Even casual browsers can accidentally spoilerize themselves by reading only the cover blurbs of the last decade of 24th century books because they've had an ongoing storyline.
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