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Re: Starship Cargo Volumes Compared

@Bob - answers below...

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  • Constellation Class: There seems to be a lack of quarters for the ship's personnel and I'm unable to find the engineering section. It must not necessarily be twice as big as Enterprise's but I'd say 4 nacelles require corresponding engine room space.

The primary hull volume on the Constitution is approx 123,000m3. The Constellation is 91,576m3 but it's an odd shape so what I did was subtract the difference of 31,000m3 from the cargo+engineering volume to get a left-over of 310,356m3. That way the equivalent volume is available for crew on the Constellation. Even if the engineering volume doubled to 64,000m3, the left over volume is still an amazing 278,000m3 or 12x the Constitution's combined cargo+shuttlebay volume.

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  • Miranda Class: From the TOS Enterprise to the TNG Enterprise it had been established that any shuttlebay doors work mechanically and don't glow like these stern features of Reliant and her sisters or cousins. IMO these are merely inserts for cylindrical cargo containers (curiously ST II is the only film to mention "cargo containers" ) which could also be attached to these areas above. I can't really see the need why every starship has to have shuttlecraft (but apparently these areas were used for such purposes in the pilot DS9 episode).
I tend to think of the shuttlebay as the "other" cargo bay when the regular cargo area fills up
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