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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

I'm reading Heretics of Dune. Its actually the one Dune book in the main series that I'm nsure I read it at one point, but I don't remember it at all (which is weird, because I remember atleast the main story of the rest of the books). Its pretty good, although I really wish it hadn't continued the disturbing trend of adding pointless sexual stuff to the book. That said, that kind of creepy stuff is basically what the Honored Matres are all about, so I'm not expecting that much of a change. Its not like its brought up that often, but it really takes me out of the book when sex stuff is brought up. Why is it important to read about Orade's sexual training and experiences? The answer is that it doesn't matter at all, and just serves to creep me out. When it has a point with the plot, like with the Honored Matres, then its fine. But much like Nayla's rope climbing fixation in God Emperor, the sexual stuff just sometimes gets brought up for no real reason, and its not to the books benefit. Also, the Tleilax parts have been a bit boring so far. Still, overall I'm liking it with this reread.
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