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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

Jup, I hated it. I totally agree with davejames: Thank god that's finally over! I even started doing crosswords somewhere halfway into the episode because I was bored but wanted to know what would happen eventually.

One highlight of the episode was Quinn's line in the interrogation room: "It's obviously self defense."
That whole scene was a highlight IMHO. They knew Dexter did it (come on people, not even Quinn is that stupid...) but let him go anyway. I thought that was a great way for Dexter to leave Miami Metro.

Now, from there on it was down hill, they couldn't really do anything anymore to make me happy. Dexter being caught and trailed was off the table (pun not intended), Dexter being executed was off the table, Dexter murdered by Saxon was off the table... I was kinda pissed when he went into that storm. Suicide is just too much out of character to me (I think Dexter expressed his feelings towards suicide in season 2, he thought it was lame) and surviving that storm? nah, not buying it. We actually joked about the how he was going to survive and turn up somewhere else... and poof: there he was, alive and well. Now that was really a bummer.

I still think they should have let Deb shoot Dexter instead of LaGuerta back in season seven en just end it there. I would have thought that was awesome...
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