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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

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"Parallels" is great. It's actually one of the episodes I watched again to research my idea. You all know the one Enterprise where Riker is begging & pleading not to go back, the one that is ultimately destroyed by one photon torpedo... what if we're in THAT universe? The Borg IS everywhere and the Dominion is fighting them with every last bit of conquered technology... wouldn't you want to "fix" the timeline, too?

Are you "fixing" them when you make them more like your own or are you destroying something unique? By trying to fix the Abrams timeline to make it more like the Prime timeline, you are destroying twenty-five years of something unique and unlike the Prime timeline. Something that will continue to diverge and become even more unique. Does anyone have the right to consign all those people who never existed in the Prime timeline or exist in a different manner to oblivion?

Do we also need to fix the Mirror Universe as well?
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