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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

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Except for part where it doesn't exist anymore after Kirk's birthday. You see, what happened is that Nero and Spock Prime came from Prime Future, and when they came back, they changed the timeline. The Prime Timeline from Nero's incursion point onwards was/is being replaced by the Abrams Time Line. It's overwriting the Prime Timeline. They're not running side by side. This universe runs parallel to the Mirror Universe, which is differently entirely. That actually IS a separate timeline, with its own events that only slightly (when someone jumps across) effects this timeline. However, the future of, say, my great great grandson, who may have grown up to see Pike and the Talosians, will now see Kirk and the iEnterprise and a Kahn who is British.
Go watch the season seven TNG episode Parallels. Then you'll understand why the Abramsverse is separate from the Prime Timeline.
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