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Re: What The Hell? What Is Up With The Side Hull Torpedo Bays?

austen_pierce wrote: View Post
My reaction to the side torpedo bay doors opening.... "Arrrrrrrrrr.... we be at broadsides, cap'm!"
And the moral of the story turns out to be:

Do not take Star Trek too seriously.

Dale Sams wrote: View Post
Since we're talking about weapons....

...I didn't like how..."puny" the weapons sound compared to the ungodly amounts of damage they APPEARED to be doing. Compare to WOK where no shields means serious business.

Not a fan of the 'death by a thousand paper-cut' phasers and torpedoes.
If you consider that ships in this universe seem to be able to use their phasers as point defense weapons and shoot down enemy torpedoes, it may be the case that saturation attacks (12 to 18 torpedoes at a time) would be neccesary to score a hit at all). This seems to be the one advantage Narada had: it could fire a single torpedo that immediately launched 10 smaller ones, confusing the hell out of the ship's defenses.

Also: this thread needs more SCREENCAPS. Someone, anybody... SCREENCAPS!
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