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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

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I want a series set up maybe 15 or 20 years after DS9 ended, but in the Abrams-verse. In this universe, (because of the comic where the Narada was upgraded with Borg technology), somehow the Borg are advanced and SUPER scary. The Dominion somehow are more advanced, too. Our heroes are on a small, junky ship (like Serenity), trying to stay off the Dominion's radar and away from assimilation. We find one of Guinan's people, an El-Aurian, who knows the timeline is different, we view her as an oracle, and the show goes from there to find clues and fix the timeline. Bam!
Why do people keep talking about "fixing the timeline"? There's nothing wrong with it, it's a completely seperate time line, right alongside the Prime Timeline (The Primetime still exists and plays out exactly as we've seen for the past 50 years). If you want something set in the Prime time line, simply set it in the Prime Time line and do what you want there. Would anyone suggest "fixing" The Mirror Universe? The Alternate Time Line didn't erase or corrupt the Prime Time Line, it simply made a new one.
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