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Re: Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics Volume 2 (SPOILERS)

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Maybe it will pick up in a few months, when Shigetani leaves and Gerry Conway takes over the writing chores.
Indeed it does. The two Shigetani stories are the definite low point for the strip. It's hard to believe something this... primitive somehow passed Paramount's approval process. Maybe there wasn't one in 1981...? Anyway, I've seen better work in fanzines. In fact, I'd wager few self-respecting fanzine editors would've printed this mess. And I know, because I was a fanzine editor back in the day (not a Trek 'zine. It was for a different property.)

I know this comes off as pretty harsh, but honestly, Shigetani's strips mostly consist of 2 wide panels containing a crudely-drawn head or two, and some word balloons. No background to speak of. And what BG he includes bears precious little resemblance to anything we're familiar with on the Enterprise.

Gerry Conway's stories were no great shakes, but a significant step up. And once paired with artist Dick Kulpa, the strip was enjoyable again. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late. Five months (and three stories) later, the strip ended.
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