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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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Agree, but lets keep in mind that it is still early.
Wasn't it 2 seasons ago that K.C. and Buffalo started out scoring like 40 points a game for 3 or 4 weeks, then tanked the rest of their seasons?

16 games doesn't seem like a lot, but you're right, it's a long season.
Yeah but it's how they have been winning that lends me to think these wins are no fluke.
For the record, no one is calling the Broncos' wins flukes. It's just that history has shown that a team looking terrific in September does not gaurantee that team will look the same way in December or January.

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The 49ers look terrible, and
Even as a Raiders' fan I found it easy to root for the 9ers back when they had Walsh and Montana. But these 49ers... not so easy to root for. For me, it has to do with Jim Harbaugh.

He is a great coach but also is such a monumental a-hole -- always flapping his gums about this player or that coach. I find myself now being a bit pleased everytime some team knocks that smug look off Harbaugh's face.
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