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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

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I haven't been polled, and I didn't like STID either, so there. Add me to the number to prove your point... wrong.
No one is stopping you from voting in the poll in the Trek XI+ forum.
Anything to convince you that 'people' don't all like the movie and thus they aren't that good
I don't think everyone likes the movies. That is an unrealistic expectation. But I do believe the vast majority of Trekkies do enjoy them to one degree or another and I believe the numbers from multiple sources bares that out.

I think it's great that there is a difference of opinion, it just seems like some here dislike the films due to the fact that they simply exist and are parroting points from a few people who are really, really unhappy that Abrams had the gall to go back to TOS.
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