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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

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I dunno. While I enjoyed TNG and loved DS9, I think the golden age of Trek was in the '70s, when it was in the hands of the fans and our imaginations ran wild.
Yeah. I'd agree. The TOS phenomenon in the 1970s was unique for its time. In less than a decade, the cancelled TV show became so popular the prototype of the space shuttle was named for its starship and a feature film was released. An audience was discovered, and everything came after that.

If not the golden years, the 1980s were probably more successful than the 1990s, too. There were TOS films that were popular enough to bring about trying TNG, which brought Trek back to TV as a big ratings success in 1987.

But the 1990s? No. By the mid-1990s the TV ratings for all Trek shows were going down precipitously, and other than FC and TUC (1991), the movies in the 1990s tended to disappoint fans and critics, alike.
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