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Re: Spock's Vocabulary

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I had a friend in high school who came up with a motto along those lines -- "eschew polysyllabic pseudoprofundity". Basically, "don't use big words to try to sound smart!"
Yeah, I ran around with THAT kind of crowd...
Judging by your presence here, you still do!

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Encyclopedias! 1969 World Book my parents sacrificed for, because a proper house had an encyclopedia set for the children. With the see-through overlay anatomy pages. I also liked countries and military insignia - the orderliness thereof, I think.
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My folks bought an ecyclopedia set when I was born too. So did my wife's, and she still has her books! Though a lot has happened since 1956 that they don't cover.
My parents actually did it twice. They bought a Collier's Encyclopedia in 1960 right after they married. But by the time we kids needed it, 20 years later, only half of what was in it was still true, so they shelled out for a Britannica set.
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