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Re: "Serentiy" on-going from Dark Horse comics

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but it was just basically everyone being dead, except Angel and Spike, and just a lot of stupid stuff happening. That just made me not want to check out Buffy Season 8 (and Season 9, etc) even more.
This part of your statement makes me think that you only read the pre-"After the Fall" Angel comics, which did NOT have Joss' involvement. They are NOT post-series canon. "After The Fall", which was based on Joss' plot for Angel season 6, and the comics that followed, superseded those comics and ARE part of the post-series canon. In these books, Angel and Spike are not the only survivors, in fact Gunn and Conner showed up in Angel and Faith, and Illyria is an important part of Buffy season 9.
Actually, I think I read the one you mentioned. I didn't mention Gunn because he didn't survive. He's a vampire, which is not only stupid but I don't really count as "surviving". I'm not a Conner fan, so I really didn't care if he lived or not (I don't hate him, but I just didn't care one he came back as a teenager). Illyria was an interesting plot point (Fred's death is seriously the saddest thing I've ever seen on TV or movies) but she wasn't a character that needed to continue past the end of Angel.

Also, I know there is a comic series called Angel and Faith, but I HATE Faith. She was poorly written and pointless in every appearance she made in both shows. Her debut was the worst episode of Buffy, and she continued to be horrible for a long time. After awhile she did get a bit better, I guess. She didn't ruin Buffy's finale or any of the Angel episodes she was in. She went from horribly written annoyance to annoyance I could stand if the episode was strong enough. Her appearances in the shows actually gave me an irrational hatred of Elisa Dushku until Dollhouse convinced me she's actually a pretty good actress, and Faith was just written badly. If they wrote a comic where she was killed completely pointlessly and with no heroic send off (like randomly getting killed by a mugger in a dark alley) I'd read it, because its what the character deserves. Besides that, I wouldn't pay money for something with Faith in it, and I wouldn't waste time reading it.

So, random Faith rant aside, I'm certain that what I did read was the official Angel continuation. It wasn't very good, and it was continuing from the horrible ending of that awesome show. After all of this, though, I have gotten kind of curious about Buffy season 8. I saw the first TPB on Amazon (The Long Way Home) for pretty cheap, so I ordered it. If nothing else, all 5 issues were written by Joss Whedon, so I think it will almost certainly be good, since I've really enjoyed all of his other comic work that I've read. If its really good, I might consider checking more of the Buffy continuation comics out (although I don't see myself ever returning to Angel comics, for me the show is where it ended, even with the horrible ending the comics just messed him up too much).
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