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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

Well thank god that's finally over.

I'll admit the last few minutes were nicely poetic, with Dexter heading off in his boat with Debra's body, and then into the storm alone. And the final quiet, voiceover-less scene with Dex in the cabin was a fairly strong one.

But unfortunately it came at the end of another incredibly slow and dull and tedious hour where, once again, not much really happens. Dexter waits around a lot in a hospital, he waits around in an airport, and then he waits in line at a bus stop. And... that's about it. For the big series finale.

I mean seriously, did the writers really expect us to be on the edge of our seats wondering if Dex and Hannah would make it out of the country or not? When the only threat was some lame PI who wasn't even smart enough to exit the bus or call the cops the second he caught Hannah?

And while Dexter goading Saxon into stabbing him (so that he could then kill him in apparent self-defense) was a pretty clever move, Saxon was such a cartoonishly evil and ridiculous character that I had a hard time taking any of that story seriously anyway.

Ultimately, it just seems INSANE to me that we spent the entire last season without anyone at Miami Metro even once suspecting Dexter of anything. Or without him being in any danger at all, in fact. He just casually went about his business the whole time, without a care in the world. During the final season.
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