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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

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I love it when people bring out the "other people think I'm right" argument when discussing what's good or not. Just silly, unless you actually think people are as a whole mindless sheep going with the herd without thinking for themselves.
I believe in proving or disproving statements with facts and numbers:

WhateverMan wrote:
These are stupid action films, which is why many Trekkies call them stupid action films. Because they are... Stupid... Action... Films.
Judging by the results gathered on this board, many Trekkies do not feel that the Abrams films are "Stupid... Action... Films." Out of 668 votes, 530 ranked the movie a 'B-' or better.

For me personally, I like the film and that didn't change when 100 Trekkies in Las Vegas voted it the worst Trek movie ever.
Nor should it! The fact that I don't care much for the Abrams films doesn't mean that I speak for the majority or anyone else for that matter. The only person I can speak for is myself.
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