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Re: Frontier/Colony Show

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You gotta set it after DS9 and Voyager but in the Abrams Verse... in this future, there is an inter-galactic war between the Dominion and the Borg. Humans, Klingons, everyone, are staying off the radar or joining the dominion. Get a Mos Isley feel for the series. Have a "crazy" El-Aurian (Guinan) talk about a different time, where all of the people were happy and have a new rag-tag group trust her and have her help in fixing it. Small ship. Three or four people. Couple of different ships. Rebellion. Whoopi Goldberg. And a restoration of the prime timeline. Hope amid constant fear of assimilation or death by Jem'Hadar.
So you want to turn Trek into Star Wars?

"Truth and justice reigned across the galaxy... before the dark times... before the Dominion."

Sorry, no thanks.

Starting a show on a similar premise as Voyager where they're stranded away from the rest of humanity, but instead of the journey home, they decide to build a new home would be interesting.

Interacting with new aliens for survival, aliens that would be more than just a villain of the week, but around and having to cope with them. The hope of trying to contact home from afar, maybe even the idea of building a "new Federation" in uncharted territories. The possibilities are there and it would combine the best parts of exploring the unknown with DS9's exploring cultures we've seen in depth.
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