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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

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Here's an idea.


I'm not sure when exactly this would take place. Almost doesn't matter.


That's something I'd like to see.
i ditto that, it would be amazing to watch, i think it should be post nemesis, but 100 years post to it, then it will be amazing, a really good get to know you show as it were. Really having a in depth character development show, some political struggles and great discovery series.
Thank you very much.

Problem now is--I'm imagining how to set this up. Went to sleep last night imagining the name of the type of shuttle they'd use--a more advanced version of the Runabout. Came up with Starwing and Farrunner. Come to think of it, methinks Farwing would work best.

And I came up with a character. The first generation of colonists (again, assuming they initially shared a major common experience and/or trauma) included a Vulcan and Andorian who married. Their child elected to join Starfleet and is now assigned to the Space Station, probably as a pilot. Looks like a blond Vulcan with blue skin. Parents dead now, with some unresolved issues, cannot help but end up a kind of unofficial liaison between the two groups.

Likewise I'm imagining Asgard itself lies just within a nebula, somewhat difficult to find. Further study shows it was terraformed half a million years ago, but by whom? Because the ruins are nowhere near that old.

Meanwhile I'm imagining some other polity nearby, a people who were once wealthy and powerful but somehow lost it all long long ago. Not unlike Babylon Five's Centauri or the Bajorans, or Land of the Lost's Sleestaks.

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